What to Offer

Knowing exactly what to offer takes finese and skill and if a buyer knew exactly what to offer it would be easy. But one only needs to rely on the advice and experience of his or her Northwest Realty Group agent.

Many factors come into play in the initial offer. Some say always offer 10% less. Unfortunately, this route could end you up in second place on that competitively priced "perfect" home for your needs. And, second place is no fun.

Things to consider are:

  • How long has the property been on the market?

  • If a new listing, how competitively priced is the property? We've had situations where the home was so well priced, multiple offers were received within days. In this situation, offering a few hundred dollars over list price made the difference in owning versus second place. In other situations, it's obvious the property is $20,000 overpriced and a lower offer can be justified and submitted with documentation to back the offer up.

  • Current market conditions can play a big factor. A Northwest Realty Group agent active in the local market knows what's going on in the market and can advise you accordingly.

The best advice we would give in what to offer the Seller is "get good advice and listen to it!" Too low of an initial offer could insult the Seller. Too high, and you may be leaving money on the table. This is when you could benefit from the experience of a Northwest Realty Group agent.

For more tips on how to offer and to find a home in the Hood River real estate area or anywhere in the Columbia Gorge, contact us anytime.